Beach Balls and Melons is a series of oil paintings depicting what I see as the media’s version of a modern day female nude. An overtly-sexualised, tanned, waxed young girl with large, round, fake breasts, eager to please her audience. Using top glamour model Sophie Reade as representative of this ideal, I have explored the boundaries of distorting the female form. By building up the layers for rich colour and attention to detail, I have used my oil painting to Photoshop and perform plastic surgery; widening her eyes for a more doe-like appearance, smoothing out and creating

peachier skin tones, enlarging, uplifting and making her breasts rounder, her cheeks and nipples deeper, rosier pinks. Through this work, I am exploring and challenging the many conflicting opinions, assumptions and prejudices about the hyper-sexual images of women in media and what is coyly named the glamour industry. My intention was to illuminate their comical and ridiculous elements by re-appropriating the images into an art context as oil paintings, taking them from the shelf or the internet and putting them on the walls of a gallery.